Graphics // Projects

Here are some graphic design projects I've designed and printed. Also some photos I've edited of art museum pieces and portraits. 


Below are a bunch of photos from all over, most edited with Photoshop and Lightroom. Some taken on friends cameras and on film. There is also a series within these photos called VHS Glitches. All available as prints/digital copy. 

Drawing // Collage

Here are a mess of different pieces I've made quite some time ago most with reclaimed paper and pencil/pen. Others are collages I've done in dog encyclopedia and of photos from my road trip out west!


Below are some ceramic pieces I made with recycled white clay. 

Wood and Lino Cuts

Below are prints that I made over the past two years within my free time. All are printed with soy based inks on reclaimed paper. 


Here are some watercolor pieces I have created within the past year that I will be making into prints. Hope you see something that tickles your fancy! 

Charcoal Drawings

Below is a final art project I have completed called "You bloom better together". Underneath that is a series I call Hand Jobs due to the fact they are all charcoal drawings of hands. The series has yet to be completed but here are some photos of pieces I have finished!